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Course1. Japanese Intensive Course (About 1 - 6months)

Features Classes are held in the morning and afternoon. Monthly level checks are done with the goal of increasing one OPI(Oral Proficiency Interview: test to determine speaking ability) level per month.
Period of Stay About 1 - 6 months (3 Months and 6 Months are more effective.)
Classes ・Beginner to Intermediate High-Speed Course(2 Months)
・Intermediate Starter Course(1 Month)
・Intermediate Middle Course(1 Month)
・Intermediate Middle Course(1 Month)
・Intermediate Advanced Course(1 Month)
・Advanced Course(1 Month)
Course requirements ・All courses are for students who either possess a Japanese visa or do not require a special visa to visit Japan.
・Applicants should contact us by email. We will send you an application form; please send the completed form back to us along with copies of your passport and certification of overseas travel insurance.
・For students interested in the short-term study abroad course, we offer a free practical Japanese skills test (about 20 minutes long) over Skype. Please include the date you would like to take the test when contacting us.
Fees (Intensive Courses)
Period of Stay Basic Fee Discount Total Fee
1 month ¥200,000 None ¥200,000
2 months ¥300,000 None ¥300,000
3 months ¥450,000 None ¥450,000
6 months ¥900,000 ¥40,000 ¥860,000
Included in fees

・Materials fee
・Extracurricular Activity fees ( sightseeing, hands-on activities, etc.)

  • OrientationOrientation
  • Class overviewClass overview
  • 1-on-1 Conversation Practice1-on-1 Conversation Practice
  • Extracurricular Activity1Extracurricular Activity1
  • Extracurricular Activity2Extracurricular Activity2
  • Extracurricular Activity3Extracurricular Activity3
  • Lunch overviewLunch overview
  • Life overviewLife overview
  • CertificateCertificate

Course2. Fun&Easy Course

Features Experience traditional and modern Japanese culture. Also delicious food!
Period of stay 3D/2N
Course requirements All ages, all Japanese levels.
Fees (Fun&Easy Course)
Pairs and groups of three: ¥35,000/per person
Groups of four: ¥30,000/per person
(Special offer ends Dec 2020)
Included in fees

Tuition (Basic Japanese lessons and Cultural Activities)
Lunch for 2days
Pick Up (Sakuramachi bus terminal or Kumamoto station)
Accommodation fee

  • Pick UpPick Up
  • SightseeingSightseeing
  • Handmade food sampleHandmade food sample
  • Handmade Japanese sweetsHandmade Japanese sweets
  • Japanese cookingJapanese cooking
  • Japanese DrumJapanese Drum
  • Japanese traditional danceJapanese traditional dance
  • Sado (the way of tea)Sado (the way of tea)
  • IkebanaIkebana

Course3 N1 & Advanced Conversational Course

Feature We have many unique speaking topics and role-playing tasks for the people who study advanced Japanese language.
You can study all-day and will get inspired by the lessons.
Period for stay About 3 weeks
Start time In July and November.
Course required N2 or higher levels.
Fees (N1 & Advanced Conversational Course)
Included in fees

Tuition, materials fee, accommodation fee.

  • MaterialsMaterials
  • Mock examMock exam
  • Practical conversationPractical conversation

Course4. Working Holiday Course (About 2weeks)

Features We recommend for the people who are anxious about finding part-time jobs or an apartment.
You can save more time and money.
Period of stay About 2 weeks
Start time Anytime.
Course required N3 or higher levels.
Contents ・pick up
・Japanese lessons(practice interviewing for jobs, etc.)
・support for the various procedure in Japan (residence card and health insurance)
and more.
Fees (Working Holiday Course)
Included in fees

Tuition, material fees, accommodation fee.


Japanese Intensive Course
Period of Stay Basic Fee Discount Total Fee
1 month ¥200,000 None ¥200,000
2 months ¥300,000 None ¥300,000
3 months ¥450,000 None ¥450,000
6 months ¥900,000 ¥40,000 ¥860,000
Included in fees

・Materials fee
・Extracurricular Activity fees ( sightseeing, hands-on activities, etc.)

Fun&Easy Course
Included in fees

Tuition, materials fee, activity fees, accommodation fee.

N1 & Advanced Conversational Course
Included in fees

Tuition, materials fee, accommodation fee.

Working Holiday Course
Included in fees

Tuition, materials fee, accommodation fee.


Once we have finished checking your information, we will send you an email with details for transferring your tuition fee (bank account information).
Please pay your tuition fee after confirming the bank transfer details.

  • ・All bank transfer fees are borne by the sender.
  • ・Fees will not be refunded regardless of the reason.
  • ・Excluding illness or injury, if you are absent two or more days, you will be expelled from the school.
    (Fees will not be refunded.)

What are our secrets to quickly improving your ability to use Japanese?

Curriculum tailored for short-term study abroad

Short-term students in other programs are often placed in the same classes as long-term study abroad students, but we offer a curriculum tailored to the needs of short-term students.
We also provide a variety of extracurricular activities every week.
So our students can better improve their abilities to respond and express themselves in Japanese.

Weekly conversation tests

In addition to weekly written review tests, we also give weekly conversation tests in order to get a better idea of whether students are able to actually use what they learned in the week prior.

Monthly level check tests

We give tests to check the overall Japanese levels of our students at course start and after course completion (approximately once a month).
Results of the written test (practice questions from the JLPT), conversation test, and essay test are then given to students individually by their instructor.
Instructors analyze student performance and provide specific advice on where students improved and where they still need more practice so that students know exactly what they need to work on to succeed.

Samples of study effects

Examples of Our center’s graduates

Area of birth Before study Courses Study period After study
Taiwan Mr.L Beginner N5 Beginner to Intermediate 3 months N3
Canada Ms.N Hiragana and Katakana Beginner to Intermediate 1 month N4
HongKong Ms.K Intermediate N3 Intermediate Starter to Intermediate Advanced 3 months N2 to N1
Macau Mr.M Beginner N5 Intermediate Starter to Intermediate Advanced 3 months N3
Taiwan Ms.B Intermediate N3 Intermediate to Advanced 3 months N1
England Mr.T Beginner Conversation course 1 month Intermediate
Taiwan Ms.W Beginner N5 Beginner to Intermediate 3 months N2
Taiwan Ms.S Beginner N5 Beginner to Advanced 6 months N2~N1

Photos of graduates

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  • graduates2
  • graduates3